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Kadapa (Telugu: కడప), formerly Cuddapah, is a city in the south-central part of Andhra Pradesh, India and is the headquarters of Y.S.R District). The city's name originated from the Telugu word "Gadapa" meaning threshold or gate. It was spelled "Cuddapah" but was changed to "Kadapa" on 19 August 2005 to reflect the local pronunciation of the name.[1]

Kadapa is famous for great personalities in medieval times e.g., Vemana, Pothuluri Veera Bramham, Annamacharya, Pemmasani Thimma Nayudu and patronised Telugu lovers such as C P Brown, Bishop Caldwell etc.,

Kadapa is one of the important cities in Rayalaseema, Andhra Pradesh, and is situated in the south-central part of the Andhra Pradesh State. It is located 412 kilometres (256 mi) south of state capital, Hyderabad and is situated 8 km south of the Penna River. The city is surrounded on three sides by the Nallamala and Palakonda hills. The city is named "Threshold" because it is the gateway from the north to the sacred hill-'Pagoda' of Shri Venkateshvara (also spelt as Venkateswara) of Tirupati.

Kishkindakanda, one of the 7 kandas of the Ramayanam, is believed to have happened in Vontimitta, Kadapa. Vontimitta is 20 kilometres from the city. The Anjaneya Swamy Gandi may also be part of the Ramayanam; it is believed that the Statue of Anjaneya Swamy in Gandi is made by Sri Rama on a hill stone with his arrow's point to acknowledge Anjaneya's help in finding Sri Sita Devi.

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The neighbourhood of Kadapa was the birthplace of several ancient and contemporary poets. The great Annamacharya (Andhra Pada Kavitha Pitamaha) well known as Annamayya was from Rajampet which is an hour and half away from Kadapa. He wrote over 30,000 songs and slokas on Venkateswara in the 15th century. Andhra Kavitha Pitamaha 'Allasani Peddana', the most prominet poet among 'Ashta Diggajams' hails from Kokatam village in Kamalapuram Mandal. Sree Krishna Deva Raya gifted 'Peddana Padu' village in Yerraguntla Mandal to Allasani Peddana. Great Poet Bammera Pothana who wrote Andhra Maha Bhagavatham lived in Ontimitta. Vemana (Pedakomati Vema Reddy) who wrote the famous Vemana Sathakam also lived in this district. Vemana Sathakam is the first Telugu Literacy work which got printed and translated into Frencha and English languages. Baddena who wrote Sumati Satakam also hails from Badvel area of Kadapa district. Nachana Somana (tudimela dinne near Khajipet) "molla Ramayanam" Fame Kavaitri Molla (gopavaram near badvel), Tallapaka Thimmakka, (Tallapaka) Kavi Choudappa (hailed in pullur near Khajipet), Janamanchi Seshadri Sarma, Durbhaka Rajasekhra Sathavadhani, Puttaparty Narayana Charyulu and Gadiyaram Venkata Sesha Sastry Proddatur which is 50 km distant from Kadapa were the poets of the olden days. The late Rachamallu Ramachandra Reddy, the late Y.C.V. Reddy, the late Sodum Jayaram, Dr.Kethu Viswanatha Reddy, Dr.Mallemala Venugopal Reddy,Dadahayat, Tavva Obul Reddy, Sannapu Reddy and Viswa prasad are the well known writers of the district. A collection of 47 short stories each one by the writers of kadapa district by name "kadapa katha" released by the chief minister Dr. Y.S. Raja Sekhar Reddy in the sabhabhavan of Kadapa collectorate. "Kadapa Katha" edited by Tavva Obul Reddy and published by Nandalur Kathaanilayam. The stories represents the life of Kadapa people. The stories were published earlier in various Telugu magazines and daily news papers, in the span of 50 years from 1956 to 2006.Kumaragiri Vema Reddy popularly known as Vemana (Telugu: వేమన) was a 14th century Telugu poet. His poems were written in the popular vernacular of Telugu, and are known for their use of simple language and native idioms. His poems discuss the subjects of Yoga, wisdom and morality. He is popularly called Yogi Vemana, in recognition of his success in the path of Yoga.

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