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Kadapa (Telugu: కడప), formerly Cuddapah, is a city in the south-central part of Andhra Pradesh, India and is the headquarters of Y.S.R District). The city's name originated from the Telugu word "Gadapa" meaning threshold or gate. It was spelled "Cuddapah" but was changed to "Kadapa" on 19 August 2005 to reflect the local pronunciation of the name.[1]

Kadapa is famous for great personalities in medieval times e.g., Vemana, Pothuluri Veera Bramham, Annamacharya, Pemmasani Thimma Nayudu and patronised Telugu lovers such as C P Brown, Bishop Caldwell etc.,

Kadapa is one of the important cities in Rayalaseema, Andhra Pradesh, and is situated in the south-central part of the Andhra Pradesh State. It is located 412 kilometres (256 mi) south of state capital, Hyderabad and is situated 8 km south of the Penna River. The city is surrounded on three sides by the Nallamala and Palakonda hills. The city is named "Threshold" because it is the gateway from the north to the sacred hill-'Pagoda' of Shri Venkateshvara (also spelt as Venkateswara) of Tirupati.

Kishkindakanda, one of the 7 kandas of the Ramayanam, is believed to have happened in Vontimitta, Kadapa. Vontimitta is 20 kilometres from the city. The Anjaneya Swamy Gandi may also be part of the Ramayanam; it is believed that the Statue of Anjaneya Swamy in Gandi is made by Sri Rama on a hill stone with his arrow's point to acknowledge Anjaneya's help in finding Sri Sita Devi.

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Points of interest

  • Palakonda Mountains - Palakonda ranges are the naturally formed hills bordering kadapa town, a place of tourist attraction having good waterfalls and high altitudes.
  • Ameen Peer Dargah (Asthana-e-Magdoom Ilahi Dargah complex) (Badi Dargah, Pedda Dargah) in Kadapa (Cuddapah) is an example of the communal harmony preached by great saints and sages in ancient days. Come Thursday and Friday, scores of pilgrims cutting across religious faiths, throng the 300-year-old shrine seeking blessings of saints Peerullah Hussaini and Arifullah Hussaini II who lie buried here. Followers of the dargah believe that any wish that one makes at the shrine is always fulfilled. A large number of Hindus, Muslims and people of different faiths are disciples of the shrine. The family’s descendants identify themselves with a saffron dresss and the disciples wear a saffron cap.
  • Chakrayapet Gandi Anjaneya - This is the place where God Sri Rama on his way to Ayodya from Lanka stayed for one night to take rest. For conveying thanks to Sri Hanuman for his help in getting Sri Sita devi, God Sri Rama made Hanuman statue on a hill stone with the point of his arrow. Which you can still see here. Also in Vempalli there is a hill temple where in you need to cross the river and climb the hill to worship Yedulakonda Rayudu. It is said that Yedulakonda Rayudu has more property than Lord Sri Venkateswara. It is said that there are diamonds in and around the hill. On the bank of the river which you cross to climb the hill temple there is a place called Gavi which translates to "Cave" in archaic Telugu.
  • Sri Sri Sri Govinda Swamy mattam is one among those precious institutions in the country to carry out activities of Hindu-Veda-Dharma and this glorious Mattam was established by Sri Sri Sri Yadati Guru Govinda Swamy in 16th Century. Yadati Guru Govinda Swamy has established the mattam at Palugurallapalli Village (erstwhile Swethapashana Puram), Badvel Taluk, Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh State.
Sri Govinda Guru Swamy(Jeeva Samadhi), Paluguralla palli Near Bramhamgari Mattam, Kadapa District. 1650-1750
Palugurallapalli is located between Brahmam Gari Mattam and Siddhayya Mattam in Badvel Taluk. As many of us known Sri Potuluri Veerabrahmam Garu as author of ‘Kaalagnanam’ (predicting future events) that predicts the arrival of Kalki in the form of Sri Veerabhoga Vasantaraya. As per history Sri Govindaswamy, Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami and Sri Siddaya (disciple of Veera Brahmam) are belongs to ‘peer group’ (Contemporaries or samakalikulu) and all of them were lived between 16 – 17 Century To know more about Sri Govidna Swamy please refer to 'Andhrayogulu'(part2) written by Prof B Ramaraju, Hyderabad (Navodaya publishers) and Also 'Kadapa Mandala Charitamu' written by famous telugu writer Janamanchi Sheshadri Sarma in 1929 published by Vavilla publications Chennai in 1930
  • Gangamma Jatara - An annual Jatara of the Shrine of Gangamma is an important event in Anantapuram in Lakkireddypalli in Kadapa district. More than 5 to 10 lakhs of people came for this jatara. This is one of the religious Jataras in Kadapa District.
  • Fort Masjid - One of the famous masjid in Kadapa city which was built by 400 years ago.
  • Alladu Palle - Sri Veera Bhadra Swamy temple at Alladupalle in Chapadu mandal is a holy place for devotees all over the district.Sri Alladupalle Veerabhadra swamy idol is sculpted and prana prathista ritual is done by Jagadguru.Sri.Madvirat. Pothuluri.Veerabrahmendra swamula varu. The temple lies on the Mydukur- Proddatur main road 6 km from Mydukur on the banks of Kundu river. A mass congregation event will take place every year on Mahasivaratri. Devotees visit the temple every day in large numbers.
  • Ankalamma Gudur - This is the place where Ankalamma Swamy temple is located. It is a holy place for devotees all over the district. The temple lies on the Pulivendula - Simhadripuram main road 14 km from Pulivendula. The Ankalamma Tirunala will take place every year. Ankalamma devotees visit the temple every Thursday and Sunday in large numbers.
Brahmam garu.jpg
Eeswaramma varu.jpg
  • Navaratna Mandapam: This temple is located in Brahmam Gari Matham.This is one of the rare temple on earth having Pancha brahmas like Manu Brahma(Shiva),Maya Brahma(Vishnu),Twashtar Brahma(Chaturmukha Brahma),Shilpi Brahma (Indra),Viswagna Brahma(Surya) at one temple along with 125 gothra rishi Idols.Patnala sanyasi rao Veda patha shala is also running at this temple premises along with nitya annadana satra, old age home and goshala.
  • Devuni Kadapa - This is the place near Kadapa city, which people[who?] believe should be the setting off point for those who intend to visit the holy place of Sri Venkateswarlu (i.e. "Seven Hills). Even people[who?] say that the name of the Kadapa is derived from this place as Devuni Gadapa means "door frame".
Siddayya Gari Matham - Siddaiah swamula varu, is the chief desiple of Veera brahmendra swamy. There is a saying in telugu, Brahmamgari lanti Guruvu ledu, Siddaih lanti shishyundu ledu. Sri.Siddaiah swamula vari matham, is attracting devotees from all nooks of INDIA, and Brahmam Gari, padukas, yogadandam, and ankuliyakam, and Kalagnnana patras are available in this mutt.
  • Gandikota or The Gorge Fort - This is situated about 6 miles (10 km) to the west of Jammalamadugu in Kadapa district. The width within the fort is at its broadest, about five and a half furlongs from west to east, and almost a mile from northwest to southeast.
  • Joukupalli - This is the place where Siddaguru Swamy (disciple of Bramham garu) temple is located nearby just 0.25 kilometres. One of the prominent place in Andhra Pradesh, where one can see advanced culture and the inherent beauty of Indian ethics.
  • Jyothi - This place is famous by the great saint Kashi Reddy Nayana. The sculptured Mandapam with 32 pillars, the inner chamber and the Sanctum make it a most impressive temple.
  • Kadapotsava - A large celebration in Kadapa that was initiated in 2003 to expunge the bad reputation of Kadapa that it is a faction district which has too many the cinemas and media rather than the culture and traditions of Kadapa. The celebrations are for 5 days continuously. Celebrities come from all over India at that time. During Kadpostavas there are cultural activities, street stalls and various entertainment programs going on in several places in Kadapa. Some many thousands of people come to Kadapa during Kadapostavas. These celebrations are focussed mainly on the media during Kadapostavalu.
  • Ontimitta - This is the place where the Kishkindakanda, one of the 07 kandas of Ramayanam happened. Kodanda Rama Swami temple is there. French traveler Tavernier who visited in 1652 described it as one of the most beautiful temples in India and was astonished at the freedom the people there enjoyed. The Sanctum Sanctorum and annex structures were built in a vast area. The temple is very high. The canopy is built with 32 pillars. It is called Madhya Ranga Mandapam. The archaeological department is renovating it.
  • Pushpa Giri temple - located on the banks of river pennar is the oldest temple located near to Kadapa town.
  • Pushpagiri - A place very close to Kadapa, where there are few temples that attract tourists. The largest and the best known of them is the Chennakesava Temple, which has a lofty gopuram, sculptures depicting scenes from the epics, floral motifs and elaborately engraved pillars.
  • Sri Venkateswar Swamy Temple Lakshmi Palem - 3 km from Badvel town on Porumamilla route. This is an ancient temple more than 400 years old built by Matli Anantha Raju, a local feudator of Vijya Nagara Kings. The presiding deity is Venkateswara Swamy and the Utsav idols bear a close resemblance to Tirupati Malayappa idols. The temple celebrates the Brahmotsavams every year in the month of Phalgunam.
  • Tallapaka - Tallapaka is a village in Rajampet mandal of Kadapa district. The village has the distinction of being the birthplace of Vaaggeyakara (Means: Lyricist cum Composer) Annamacharya the famous lyricist/composer of devotional songs on Lord Venkateswara who made invaluable contribution to music and literature during the 15th century. Several temples are there in Tallapaka. Dhyana Mandiram was constructed in memory great Saint Tallapaka Annamacharya, at Tallapaka.[7]
  • Yellala Sanjeevaraya Swamy Temple - Currently known as Vellala. This is the place near to Proddatur around 20 km from there and other way is from Chagalamarri, Karnool District one can reach same distance. Sanjeevaraya Swamy called Anjaneya or Hanuman. Its is one of the well developed and famous temple in Kadapa District.
  • Karunagiri (Christian pilgrim place, very near to Mydukur), was developed by Rev.Fr.Tom Chitta, which has most beautiful scenic beauties, located not far from Mydukur and under 60 km from district head quarters Kadapa.
  • Veyyi Nutula Kona is a famous Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Temple. It has 1000 wells in its surrounding hill area.
  • Balappa Kona Balamalleswara Swamy Kshetram (Lord Shiva Temple) popularly known as Balappakona. Located in Nalla Mala Hills Its also known as Dakshina Bhookailas. It is near to Talla Proddatur from Talla Proddatur 4 km to Balappakona. Karthika Masam is the main attraction of the temple. The Uthsavam is celebrated for 1 Month.Official website of balappakona www.balappakona.com,maintained by Mitta Amarnath Reddy
  • Sri Veerabadhra swami temple (Rayachoty) is one of the famous and rare temples in India which is located 50 km from Kadapa town.
  • Rameswaram (shiva temple) is the temple known as shivalingam (idol od shiva) built by lord rama by his hand on his journey from lanka to ayodhya, located at proddatur.

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